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Top Reviewer
This place has rapidly become one of my favorite places to order from in the neighborhood. The ingredients skew more traditional, so don't order expecting either Chipotle or Taco Bell. So far I've tried the Cemitas, Tacos, Burritos, Pernil, and Nachos. Each has been fantastic, and reasonable portions for the price. I also love the Mexican Coca Cola and Pepsi, and the Tres Leches cake is so fantastic I sometimes order two. I would say about the Cemitas, I personally am not a fan of the Papalos, but otherwise everything here is delicious.


Top Reviewer
Mexican food in New York City is just generally not good. But, Flatbush Latin Grill completely defies that!! It's delicious! Their tortas are tasty and their breakfast food is the best Mexican breakfast I've had in New York.


Top Reviewer
Awesome mexican food. I moved to BK from Breezy Point, a place in an area void of all good mexican restaurants, and this has really filled my years-long craving. Highly recommended.


1 review
Ordered from here five times and it's been excellent every time. Chorizo tacos are my favorite so far.


1 review
Food could have been a little hotter but it's was very good and the order was complete and on time

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Chevonne Brown

4 reviews
The Burgers are on point!!! The meat is fresh and not to mention the Patty is way bigger than in that of the Big Mac @ Mac Donalds. The bacon is not too crisp or not too soft and the cheese melts on there just perfectly. I especially LOVE the Hickory smoked grill like taste of the Burgers. Reminds of being at a Back Yard BBQ. Mmmmmmmm sooo GOOD!!!! I always order them WELL DONE and that's what I get!!!


2 reviews
Love this place. Some menu items are better than others, but This is my go to place to order from in this neighborhood. Definitely recommend the tostadas, cemita burrito or sandwich, and anything with their pernil


Top Reviewer
The order was delivered in less than 30 minutes after order was received. The food was great. The plantains are really good. Will order from them again!


4 reviews
Food is affordable, quick delivery, no problems with the order. Came before the 60-75 minute wait. Tasty too!!


3 reviews
It is always a great experience with Flatbush Latin Grill! The food is fantastic and they truly value time!

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